Want a new look for your bath, sink or tiles?


The Rust-oleum Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit is a simple solution that will have your bathtub, tile and sink looking new in less than a day. the epoxy acrylic formula means that it is hard wearing and long lasting.


How to paint bathtub, sink or tiles:


  1. Surface Cleaning – remove metal drains, brush/sand, and peeling paint and repair any chips, dents or damage with a patching compound. Mould and mildew will need to be removed with bleach.


  1. Surface Preparation – before painting you need to ensure that the surface is very clean. Prepare the surface with an abrasive tool and a lime removal cleaner. Sand the surface with a 400/600 grit wet/dry sandpaper.


  1. Paint Application – in a properly ventilated area mix part A and part B together. apply paint using a brush, roller or spray. Allow to dry for at least one hour before applying the second coat. Allow 3 days before exposing to water.

paint bath

The Rust-Oleum Rub and Tile Refinishing Kit is $75 at Paint Supplies Adelaide.

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Watch a How-To Video from Rust-Oleum