Painting a house? We have put together a handy shopping list of the must-have items.

Don’t forget the preparation can be the difference between a great paint job and an average job


Sugar soap

Gap filler – around doors/windows/skirtings

Plaster filler – for holes or cracks in walls

Sandpaper / Scourer

Drop sheets

Brushes, rollers, tray, extension

Paint stripper

Masking tape

Anti-mould additive – for wet areas



House Paint for Main Rooms


Walls- low sheen water based paint

Ceiling – flat water based paint


House Paint for Wet Areas – Laundry, bathrooms etc.


Semi-gloss acrylic paints with anti-mould additive


Enamel paint


Skirting Boards, Cupboard Doors, Doors and Windows


Bare Timber – prime and undercoat then topcoat with water based or oil based enamel (for best durability and ease of cleaning)


Stain then clear coat (best with solvent based)


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If you are painting your car it’s best to be prepared. We have put together a list of the items you will most likely need for the job.

Shopping List

Sandpapers ( will need various grits 80 – 1500)

Body filler

Wax & Grease remover

Tack cloths (approximately 5 per whole car)

Rust Converter

Etch Primer

Primer (light)

Primer Filler (heavy or 2 pack)

Masking Tape

Drop Sheets

Paint Stripper

Spray gun

Paint (base coat & clear or solid colour)

Thinner (for a whole car you will need 20lts)

Cutting compound


Seam sealer

Stop putty

Underbody sealer

Ute trays heavy duty liner

POR-15 restoration products (for best results)

automotive paint