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Painting your tiles?


Bathroom renovations and re-tiling can be very costly. Repainting is a great way to give your tiled areas a makeover without the prohibitive cost of retiling.

Tile painting can be a great way to get your bathroom back to its former glory, as an end of lease clean up or getting your house ready for sale. With a range of colours to choose from you can get that new bathroom look without the cost and hassle of removing tiles.

How to Paint Tiles


Tile paint is specifically designed to paint over porcelain, ceramic, and glass tiles. It doesn’t flake over time and needs only a reasonable amount of prep work. For best results, avoid painting tiles that receive a lot of water wear.

What you’ll need:

  • fine sanding paper (180-220 grit) or an orbital sander
  • tile paint
  • wet sponge or cloth
  • paint brush
  • primer
  • masking tape
  • Sugar soap or commercial tile cleaner


Wash all tiles with sugar soap or tile cleaner.

Clean tiles with a wet sponge and wait till it dries.

Give the tiles a light sand and wipe away any debris wit a wet cloth or sponge.

Place masking tape around edges to keep paint off of fixtures and skirting boards.

Wait for the surface to dry before applying one or two coats of primer.

Give the primer a light sand when it’s finished curing.

Wipe away dust with a wet cloth and wait for it to dry.

Paint over tiles with selected tile paint.


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